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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Chinese Tea For Weight Loss

Tea is always refreshing. It takes away the accumulated stress from a person and makes one rejuvenated. One of the varieties of tea is Chinese tea which is pretty much unfamiliar. I am sure many of you have not heard the name of this tea and the way it is prepared. In this article we will look at five easy ways to prepare Chinese tea.

It is very important to use the best quality leaves and water along it correct temperature to get the best taste of your tea that help you lose weight [effektiv abnehmen]. Go for prominent brands when purchasing tea leaves to prepare your tea.

How To Prepare Chinese Tea That Help To Lose Weight?

1. Choose The Type Of Tea Leaf For Your Tea

There are different types of tea leaves by which you can prepare Chinese tea, these are Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea, White tea and Puerh tea.

2. Setting The Right Temperature

Take required amount of water in a pot and heat it. Boiled water is required to prepare tea so that the tea leaves start expanding and leaving the colour, nutrition and taste. Different types of tea need different steeping temperatures. Wrong steeping temperature may make your tea taste bitter. Black tea is made at a temperature of 212 degrees. Oolong tea requires temperature between 190 and 203 degrees. Green teas and Puerh teas are made at a light bit cool temperature between 160 and 180 degrees. White teas are made with even more cool water between 150 to 160 degrees.

3. Adding Tea Leaves

Measure the amount of tea leaves with the help of tea spoon before you add them into your hot water. Normally one would require one full teaspoon of tea per eight oz. cup of water.

4. Choose The Correct Steeping Time

Correct steeping time would give you the best colour, benefits and taste of your tea. With the help of a tea infuser you can perform this step easily. Black teas require steep time of nearly four to six minutes. Oolong teas are best at three to four minutes. Green teas should ideally be steeped for less time around two minutes. White teas need around 2 minutes. Puerh teas should be steeped for seven to eight minutes. Herbal tea needs a steeping time of at least four to six minutes.

5. Separate Your Leaves From The Water

It is time to strain your tea from the leaves at the completion of the steeping step.Chinese tea has different types of varieties such as black tea, white tea, green tea etc. which offers one remarkable health benefits. Every single variety of this tea delivers its specific properties. For a healthy and disease free body you must drink a few cups of this tea daily.